Great News for Blue Bell Ice Cream Lovers

 Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell Ice Cream Brenham, Texas

Great news for Blue Bell Ice Cream lovers.  The new observation deck at the creameries just opened.  Tours had previously been cancelled.  Blue Bell has been working so hard to get your favorite flavors of ice cream distributed back into stores.  After a growing interest in the Blue Bell Ice Cream tours they have now opened the new observation deck.  It allows you to once again see the production and packaging of the ice cream, on the assembly line.  Also now you get to see the inside of a distribution truck. Check out how it is loaded for deliveries which go out to 19 states.

Did you know the Blue Bell workers rotate to different stations throughout the shift.  That way all of the workers learn each area and they don’t get bored. It probably cuts down on workers feeling like someone else got a better job!  Smart thinking on the management’s part.  Every time I have talked to a worker for Blue Bell I have only heard how much they like working for the company.  That is really good publicity for the company.  Of course I’m sure breaks are fun when it involves Blue Bell Ice Cream!

On the deck guests can look through the large windows to see what is going on down on the assembly line floor.  Did you know the Ice cream is filled into the half-gallon containers and then flipped upside down to be frozen?  That is how the ice cream is sealed for freshness?  In genius I might add.  After touring the observation deck head on over to the ice cream parlor for your favorite Blue Bell Ice Cream.  It is still only a dollar a scoop!  Maybe you have more than one favorite flavor or would like to try a new one!  Next to the ice cream parlor your will find the country store and gift shop for those great Blue Bell items.

Blue Bell is at it again making wonderful ice cream for you to indulge in.   helping families get in for faster self guided tours, have some ice-cream with out having to stand in line to buy tickets.  It is a win win for everyone.  The observation deck is free and open to the public.   The observation deck is open weekdays beginning at 8:00 am until productions ends at 3-4 p.m.  The visitor center, ice-cream parlor and country store are open Monday through Friday 8-5 pm and Saturdays through Labor Day from 10-4 p.m.


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