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New Dates for Fall Round Top Antiques Show 2020

July 18th, 2020 by Susan Lopez

new dates for Round Top Antiques Show 2020

Revised Dates for Fall Round Top Antiques Show 2020

New Dates for Fall Round Top Antiques Show are a month later.  The show is in line with the start of schools in Texas.  Being a month later it may be a little cooler!  If you have rolled you dates over from the Spring show that was cancelled make sure to contact your hosts.   Make your reservations during October 16-November 1, 2020.

Good news is most of these venues are outside in open air tents and fields and there are 20 miles of them!  The inside venues will be taking extra precautions to have safe distancing in place.   Everyone will be required to wear mask when safe distancing cannot be achieved.  So bring plenty of masks and hand sanitizers to have on hand.

New Dates for Fall Round Top Antique Show 2020 are October 16, November 1, 2020.  Make plans now by booking your rooms with us at Brenham House.  We are a small property with 5 rooms and we have taken new steps to keep our guests safe as well.  We serve out breakfasts during Round Top Antique Shows at 8:30 a .m. so our guests can take off early to shop.  We will have our breakfast tables space out for social distancing.  There is hand sanitizer out in common areas.  We take care to deep clean rooms.   We also use Micro Ban 24 hours on door knobs and surfaces.

Be respectful of others who are out shopping by keeping your social distancing and wearing a mask when needed.  Wear comfortable shoes for walking the fields.  Bring a hat and sunglasses.  Make sure you stay hydrated.  Comfortable cool clothes are a must.  Book your rooms for early dates to have less crowds.  A cross-body bag allows you to have your hands free for shopping.  Remember the show covers 20 miles and you can’t see it all in a few days.  Enjoy the part that you can cover then make your plans to come back in the Spring!



2015 Spring Round Top Tx Antique Fair

March 9th, 2015 by Susan Lopez

2015 Spring Round Top Tx Antique Fair

2015 Spring Round Top Tx Antique Fair

This 2015 Spring Round Top Tx Antique Fair is close upon us!  There is so much you should know ahead of time.  These big shows take place in the fall and spring each year.  2015 Spring Round Top Tx Antique Fair occurs March 20-April 4, 2015.  Rooms can be hard to come by.  It is important to know that most bed and breakfasts require at least a 2 night minimum.  Also because this is a very important time of year for small properties you need to read the policies carefully because almost have a no cancellation policy.  At Brenham House Bed and Breakfast we allow you to sell your room to someone else, provided you call us and let us know who will be coming in your place.  Things happen and sometimes you just can’t make it and this allows you to give it or sell it to a friend.  Many serious Round Toppers book 6 months or more in advance for the shows.  Don’t get shut out, book ahead.  The big shows like Big Red Barn and Marburger’s really advertise for their shows.  That is when everyone thinks they need to come, but there is great shopping weeks before these shows which take place the last weekend.  I am here to tell you that there is a lot of shopping with less traffic and crowds if you come before the last weekend.  Many of the antique dealers, who stay with us, come two weekends before the last weekend.  They are looking for good buys for their own antique shops.  It has to be something they can increase the price and still be able to sell it and make a profit.  They grab beautiful things before the large crowds arrive.

2015 Spring Round Top Tx Antique Fair

Blue Hills in Round Top, Texas

Bring comfortable clothes that you can layer, depending on the weather, and great walking shoes.  Sunglasses, hat, jacket, camera phone, bottle water, snacks, Toilet paper, cash for easy transactions.  Most big places now take credit cards, but it costs the vendor to run cards and a better deal may be made if cash is offered.  Toilet paper for port o potties can be a treasure!  Phone cameras are great to document an item and location, if you want to come back later for it.  There are miles and miles of shopping and you can get confused easily.  2015 Spring Round Top Tx Antique Fair is usually cool weather with the possibility of rain.  Don’t wear you precious clothes and shoes that will be ruined after stomping through the fields.  Dress to have a great time!

There are places to eat as you move along the Round Top trail, but we serve a full three course breakfast at Brenham House Bed and breakfast and it will hold you until you get ready for dinner.  Most of our guests come back to Brenham to eat.  We have great restaurants in downtown Brenham.  In downtown there is Brenham Grill, Volare Itailian Restaurant, Yumms for sandwiches and pizza, Kay’s Cuisine for the Soul, Smitty’s, BT Longhorn Saloon, Subway, and K-Bob’s.   Brenham also has Appleby’s, Chili’s, Los Cabos, Taco Bell, Mc Donald’s, Bush’s Chicken, on Highway 290 at Brenham.  Plan ahead and book in advance!

Fall Round Top Antique Festival

August 29th, 2014 by Susan Lopez

Exciting news for this years’ fall Round Top Antique Festival.  There will be 3 trolleys for both of the big weekends.  The trolleys will run a continuous loop during the high traffic days of the show

Fall Round Top Festival

Fall Round Top Festival Trolley

You will be able to park and ride the trolley to get around.  After your stay and you have made many purchases you can then take your car and pick up your items.  That is the strategy most of our guests use.  Ask your innkeeper for a map and times the trolleys will run.

Fall Round Top Antique Festival

Trolley Map

This Fall Round Top Antique Festival covers six towns and is the largest antique show, in the United States.  Shopping begins September 21st and runs until October 5th, 2014.  All of the Brenham locals get out early to shop.  As soon as they see vendors setting up they are out shopping!  This way you miss the large crowds.  There is a lot of advertising for the last weekend, because that is when the Big Red Barn and Maurburger’s  Show opens.  These are great places to shop, but if you have other favorite places to shop you can go early and miss the large crowds.

Don’t forget to bring your walking shoes, comfortable clothes, phones with cameras, sunglasses, hat, snacks and bottle water.  After shopping all day you can come back to Brenham for dinner and get away from the crowds.  Brenham has great restaurants downtown.  Brenham’s downtown has Brenham Grill, BT Longhorn Saloon, Volare Italian Restaurant, Yumm, and  Smitty’s.  Also on Highway 290 Brenham has Chilies, Applebys, Los Cabos, Whataburger, Starbucks, Mc Donalds, and Dickies BBQ.

Plan to stay three to four days.  There is so much to see from high end English and French antiques to china, silver, yard art collections and crafts.  Grab your friends and make your plans now to get out for this year’s fall Round Top Antique Festival!  Then get ready to do it all over again in the Spring!

Round Top, Texas Antique Fair

July 24th, 2013 by Susan Lopez

Round Top, Texas Antique Fair is one of the largest antique fairs in Texas.  There are two antique fairs every year.  One in the fall and one in the spring.  Through the years the shows have expanded from just a weekend to a week and now you can treasure shop for twelve days.  The Round Top, Texas Antique Fair covers miles and miles.  There are tents set up in the pastures, booths in permanent buildings, and goods set up outside on tables.  You will see English and French antiques, as well as crafts and other old collectables.

Round Top, Texas Antique Fair

Round Top, Texas Antique Fair

Come out early with the locals and get the good finds or come later and see the big shows.  Our guests, at Brenham House, have so much fun discussing their strategies, at the breakfast table.  Some will start at La Bahia and work their way to Warrenton, Texas.  Others start at the far end and work their way back to Brenham, Texas. Then there are our regular Brenham House guests, who come every year and shop at their favorite vendors booths.  No matter which way you attack the day you won’t be disappointed because there is so much to see.

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