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Christmas Cookie Exchange

November 19th, 2013 by Susan Lopez

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Cookie Exchanges can be so much fun!

There are so many fun traditions that we all enjoy each year.  A great way to start off the Christmas season is with a Christmas Cookie Exchange!  The holiday season is usually filled with so many parties and activities make sure to plan your party ahead and schedule it early in December to ensure everyone will be able to attend.  Everyone invited to the Christmas Cookie Exchange will be asked to bring a set amount of cookies, all the same type, to the party.  After arriving each guest will place their container of cookies on the table, along with copies of the cookie recipe.  The Christmas Cookie Exchange I attend each year asks us to bring 4 dozen cookies.  I always stay away from the peanut butter type of cookies or bars.  Just putting one peanut butter cookie in your take home box will make all of the other cookies take on the same taste.  We always bring a second container to use as we go around the table and pick up the cookies off of the exchange table.  You will leave with four dozen cookies of all varieties.

1. Plan how many people you will invite.  Each person needs to bring 2-4 dozen of the same kind of  cookies along with copies of their cookie recipe.  As the cookies are collected the recipes, for each cookie, can be picked up at the same time.  This will ensure that everyone goes home with a variety of different cookies and the recipes for each.

Christmas Cookie Exchange

As the Hostess you will want to make extra for everyone to enjoy during the party!

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